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Acting classes and workshops are not just for kids and teenagers but also adults. Many adults work hard to perfect their craft while other adults simply want to learn about acting to try their hand at local community theater, professional acting careers, and so on.

At AASD, they offer a Professional Education Program (PEP) with incredible opportunities in current classes and workshops, ongoing classes, and private coaching. As you will learn in this article, at AASD, there are always workshops available to meet any professional acting need.

    Ongoing Courses

    The instructorís name is Todd Blakesley and if you would like to register for an ongoing workshop, you can contact Todd at . Actors Alliance is located in beautiful San Diego, California. The ongoing workshops are generally open only to members that have plans of producing their written work at the annual Actors Alliance Festival.

    The focus of this particular professional workshop is to aid member with the development of original scripts with anticipation of possible production. The type of material eligible would include original plays written by members, scripts specifically written for the 2005 Festival that do not exceed 30 minutes, plays that are complete acts, an excerpt from a full-length play or one that is condensation, or a partial script where guidance and feedback is desired to hone the craft.

    To get involved with this ongoing course, members are required to submit two copies of the script that would be accompanied by the AASD submission form. Additionally, the play would need to be read to a minimum of two workshop panel members, the script would be discussed by the panel along with the playwright, and if additional work is required, the playwright would be given a specific deadline for re-submittal.

    Then, once the play is completed, it is re-read. However, the playwright must assemble the director and readers and can choose to direct or read to. After the play is read, it is again discussed in an open forum and if more work is needed, the panel would make recommendations and give the playwright a new deadline for re-submittal. Although there are no guarantees that the play will be placed in the Festival, they can reschedule to try again in following courses.
In addition to the ongoing courses, again there are current classes and courses, as well as private coaching. Regardless of the option you choose, the Actors Alliance Professional Education Program has a precise mission of improving an alliance memberís skills, using specific disciplines in an environment of support, with a network of other performers, and in a cost effective manner.
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