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If you are the parents of a child interested in acting, filmmaking, writing, and other areas of Fine and Performing Arts, you have an excellent opportunity to help your child. Today, you can send your child to summer acting workshops instead of the standard type of summer camp. However, if you are a normal parent, chances are you have tons of questions, which is to be expected. In this article, we will address specific questions asked by parents just like you.

Why should my child be sent to a filmmaking workshop?

First, keep in mind that although the focus of these workshops is on film and acting, each session is organized to bring out a child’s creativity. Therefore, whether your child actually chooses a career in film or acting or something completely different, the skills and lessons learned will benefit.

What happens during camp?

While each camp is a little different, typically, students will stay quite busy Monday through Friday. Then in the evening hours and during the weekends, they will be involved with a number of planned and supervised activities to include field trips, screenings, and other related functions to enhance their cultural experience.

Where do the kids live while at camp?

Let us say you chose the New York Film Academy (NYFA). This particular camp has workshops at Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Sydney. Students attending these classes actually live on campus. They are provided rooms that are completely furnished and in group residences with counselors. Additionally, students are provided meals.

How is security handled?

Obviously, the student’s safety is a number one priority. Therefore, every campus where they live proves 24 hour a day security, security escorts during the evening hours, and medical help for emergencies.

Is there a drug and alcohol policy?

The NYFA stands firm with a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drugs and/or alcohol. If a student is found to break this rule, they will be dismissed immediately with the full financial responsibility of getting that student home.

Why is the NYFA workshop better than others?

The reason is simple – no other workshop provides the opportunity for high school students to write, shoot, direct, edit, and produce their own short film while using professional equipment. This means your son or daughter is being given an amazing experience that could change his or her life.
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