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Improv or “improvisational” consists of “pretend play”, usually something silly or funny. If you were to go to an improv comedy club, you would see live performers on stage acting out all types of scenarios. With these acts, you laugh and are amazed at the imagination and creativity. Improv has no scripts so the performance happens in the moment. Although the players have a base to build on, the responses, expressions, and physical comedy is made up instantly, which is what makes improv so great!

With improv, the performance is collective, meaning that no one player decides what will happen. In other words, as one player responds in the moment to something done or said by another player, other players then respond in the moment. The loose outlines of structure are used simply to guide the players, not to complete the act.

With improv camps and classes, students can learn how to be an improv player. For some people, this type of free reign imagination is a part of daily life with family and friends while other people simply learn. Now keep in mind that improv is not necessarily for everyone. Typically, people in this field have a natural wit, a quick sense about them, which is what allows them to respond to something so quickly and with such humor.

With improv camps and classes, students learn more than just participation they learn how to be an effective player. His means they have to have a keen sense of attention to other players and to their surroundings. They also learn how to work within context, pushing the scenario being played out moving forward. Since improv players are performing in front of a crowd, they have to have an amazing ability of drawing people in and encouraging their participation.

The camps and classes also teach players how to work as a team since improv players are an ensemble, needing to connect and learn to play off each other’s wit. Timing in improv is also crucial so the classes teach students to find opportunity within performances that might otherwise be missed.

Depending on the school chosen, some work with small children as young as age five, some focus on students interested in making performance a career, and other improv schools offer corporate events as teambuilding. In this last case, corporations can sign up to take classes and then at the end of the day, week, or however long the camp or classes last, put on a corporation performance. In addition to having a ball watching your co-workers let loose, improv teaches teamwork, organization, creativity, focus, and many other things needed to succeed in the business world.
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