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NYFA Summer Acting Camps - Program History

While there is a number of excellent summer acting camps to consider, one of the top that has earned a solid reputation is the New York Film Academy, or NYFA Summer Acting Camp. This particular acting school was founded more than 12 years ago, based on a foundation of quality education in the filmmaking industry.

The philosophy of the NYFA summer acting camp is that students need to have access to the right tools and teachers, learn through hands-on experiences, and be available for people that have that deep drive and ambition to get involved with the film industry. Because of its unrivaled success, NYFA now has a facility in the former Tammany Hall, at Universal Studios, and other locations around the world.

The exciting aspect of the NYFA summer acting camp is that its doors are open to anyone interested in learning about filmmaking. That means that hundreds of people come from all around the globe of every age, ethnic background, race, religion, and occupation. Together, they become one cohesive team that can gain invaluable insight into this industry from one of the leading teachers.

If you were to perform comparisons with other acting summer camps, you would quickly find that NYFA is considered the premier fixture when it comes to film education. By teaching students not just one or two aspects of this industry but about film, sound, directing, writing, and so on, each student walks away with a full picture of what all is involved and required to succeed.

This acting camp was designed for up and coming generations, all sharing the same passion and desire to learn about films. Although the programs are intense, they are geared for success. In the real world, competition is tough. Many say filmmaking is a dog eat dog world and whether it is or not, NYFA knows it is a tight industry that requires the best. For this reason, they offer the best instruction possible.

All curriculums are constructed around exploration of various types of media through practical work and lessons. Instead of students sitting behinds desks and listening to lectures all day, they are given real opportunities to do exactly what the pros do. The result is students graduating with confidence and skills that will work for them no matter what career field they enter.
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