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Summer Acting Camp and Workshop Types

Okay, perhaps you have heard of a summer acting camp and even thought it sounded like something fun, but like many people, are simply not sure what it is – exactly. Well, a summer acting camp is a place where students go to learn all they can about becoming an actor, director, choreographer, dancer, singer, and so on. These camps are designed to teach students the things they will need to succeed in the business, all taught by skilled and experienced teachers.

Summer acting camps train kids of all ages that are interested in learning more about the theater and acting. The great thing about these camps is that they are adventurous, exciting, and full of life lessons that go beyond the stage. For example, students will learn about self-respect, communication, community involvement, laughter, team work, and a number of other things to challenge and encourage growth.

You will discover a number of quality summer acting camps from which to choose but be sure that you go with one that focuses not only on the area most interested in but also provides a well-rounded curriculum. Typically, students are taught during the week with a sincere focus on studies. Then on the weekends, a number of fun activities are planned to simply have fun.

For example, students might take a hike, go horseback riding, swim, play volleyball, go camping, learn to make arts and crafts, and other fun things. This creates a nice balance between discipline and learning with down time to just have fun and relax while building new friendships.

Best of all, every student will be treated equally and fairly. This means if a show production is developed, every person is involved. That way, learning can be achieved through actual learning instead of watching. In addition, most summer acting camps provide students with the opportunity to get involved with the choosing of productions, making the process even more fun.

Some summer acting camps are quite large and expensive. However, other camps limit the number of students so there is a better teacher/student ratio. Regardless, you need to be sure you attend a camp that can dedicate appropriate time to each student. This way, students get the most for their money. Considering that summer acting camps average $750 a week, this is a critical part of the decision.
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