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Digital Sound Summer Acting Camp

Now in the world of high tech and digital technology, more and more people are looking into digital sound as a career. For this reason, digital sound summer acting schools are full. The unique thing about this is that the digital portion is associated with acting so students have a wide array of career choices.

What you will find at most digital sound summer acting camps is weeks broken down by subject so students walk away with a sound understanding and education that they can take with them into life. For instance, one week teaches students how to write, direct, shoot, and edit their own films. This particular session is a hands-on, fast paced experience.

Although just a one-week session, this filmmaking workshop provides a true understanding as well as the rigors of being involved with filmmaking and digital sound. If you look at the movies both on the big screen and B movies, they all have the same two components film and digital sound. Therefore, the list of opportunities is endless.

Again, there are several weeks to these digital summer camps but typically, the first week will cover the concepts of filmmaking. During this time, each student will be required to make a short film. Then, the students are given two days of in-depth studies for writing, directing, and cinematography.

With one digital sound summer camp, each Wednesday, students are given three hours to direct their project. For this, they work in several positions just as they would need to in real life to include Director of Photography and Assistant Camera Person. The shoots are then completed by Thursday with post-production hitting on Friday.

Students all agree that after attending a digital sound summer acting camp, they walk away with a solid foundation on which to build careers. They now understand how to write, how to produce, how to direct, how to act, how to create digital sound, and so on. These are all valuable lessons that can put them ahead of the competition in the real world of film and sound.
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