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Acting Camp Types

Summer Acting Camp and Workshop Types

There are a lot of acting camps and workshops available for prospective actors to learn acting skills, network, and gain experience. However, it is difficult for many people who are considering going into acting to know where to find summer acting camps, classes, and workshops. This article is designed to provide an introduction for people who are thinking about attending an acting camp. The following sections include details about the different types of acting camps.

Specialized Acting Camps

These types of camps are often run out of one location and have developed a reputation for success. These are generally acting camps that have been operating for many years and have their own facilities, staff, and programs. One of the most prominent of these acting camps, Stagedoor Manor, has been operating for many years and boasts alumni like Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, and Zach Braff. These types of camps are generally quite expensive, feature top facilities, and offer people the chance to meet other aspiring actors. These camps are often recognized in the industry and have been around for a long enough time to build a successful program. These types of camps often draw people from all over the country and generally cater to people who are more serious about acting or launching an acting career. These camps are overnight and meals are provided.

Film Academy Camps

The New York Film Academy offers summer acting camps, film camps, and production camps. They offer camps in many major cities and campuses like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Orlando, Harvard University, Princeton University. These camps are specifically designed toward a career in film, but will benefit actors as well. These camps are intense, but offer training with industry experts and the latest technologies and techniques. There are several different types of camps and each is on a different topic and focuses on a particular area - be sure to check which type of camp that you are interested in. The New York Film Academy is a well-known organization and many people who have attended this camp put it on their resume. The cost for this experience is also somewhat expensive. These camps are generally overnight.

Local Theater Acting Camps

Every major city has at least one local theater and often several theaters. As part of their outreach to the community, to promote acting, and theater in general, these theaters will often offer summer acting camps. These camps can be a good opportunity since they are often day camps and use the theater's facilities. People who have considerable experience in theater also staff most of these camps. Moreover, these camps can be excellent learning experiences. To find information about a camp in your area, simply call the theater and ask about these types of camps and workshops. If the theater does not offer a camp, they will likely know someone who does. Since these are generally day camps, they often cost less than the two alternatives listed above.

Local College Acting Workshops

In addition, many local colleges also offer workshops, camps, or summer acting classes for adults and youth. These classes, camps, and workshops, are often a good option since typically they are day camps and are taught be teachers who teach at the campus. In addition, these camps are often in the theater facilities offered by the college or university. Moreover, there are also classes that people can take for credit. These can be a good option for actor who would like to brush up on technique and practice, but do not want to pay a lot of money. It also provides an opportunity for prospective actors to be around like minded people.

Recreational Camps

Many cities, counties, and other municipalities offer acting camps for youth and adults. Although experts do not typically teach these camps, they are a great way for someone to see if acting is for them or for people who just want to have fun. Local YMCA's offer these types of camps as well. If you are a member, you might be able to receive a discount on the cost. These camps are typically day camps and provide low-key workshops and fun activities.

Kids Camps

In addition, there are a lot of acting camps on all of the levels mentioned above that cater specifically to kids or an age group. Generally kids camps are designed to allow children to have fun acting, appear on stage, and to meet other people. There are some acting camps that are more intense and provide a more structured environment. Children's camps often run in the summertime when school is out and kids have more time to engage in these activities.


Clearly, there is a large array of summer acting camps available for prospective actors. The decision of which one to attend depends on a person's goals and abilities. Often camps provide a training boost for actors and a chance for them to learn and develop techniques. One of the best ways to learn though is to actually be in a production. Many camps offer this, but you should check to make sure that you would be able to be in a production at the end of camp.
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