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NYFA Summer Acting Camps - Overview

NYFA (New York Fine Arts) summer acting camps are known around the world for being among the finest. This reputation comes from years of dedication and hard work by a trained staff, creativity and innovation, affordable pricing, diversity, and much more. For these reasons, students come from near and far to participate in the excellent workshops.

This academy just finished its fifth year offering summer classes at Dalton School. Every workshop is supervised and taught by experts and because the classes are held in the morning, afternoon, or a combination of both, students can easily work the workshops around other classes, if necessary. Best of all, the workshops are held at amazing New York sites, as well as the actual shooting. For example, both Carl Shurz Park and Central Park are prime choices in that they are beautiful but also a short walk from the school.

For the curriculum, you will find that from day one, the workshops focus on how to learn while making films. This means that every student is given a unique opportunity to write, produce, direct, and edit his or her own creation. Then, the students can rotate the various film crew positions while another student takes his or her turn at shooting. The obvious benefit is that instead of merely learning about film from a textbook, you learn from doing. The result is that in just a four-week workshop, you will create as many as three film projects, with each building in difficulty.

With the NYFA summer acting camps, no filmmaking experience is required so students of all backgrounds and levels are encouraged to attend. The only thing the school requests is that you be ready to make film a part of your life - every second of your life. Enrollment is crucial since the classes tend to fill up quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in NYFA, you need to enroll early and even then you are not guaranteed a place in the class of your choice.

Students will be using actual professional filming and editing equipment. For this, class supplies, and any cost associated with processing, it would be included in the application fee. The classes run Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 although you will also have time while on film shoots and in the editing room. However, parents and students need to know that supervision is not provided in the evenings or on the weekend.

In addition to the regular curriculum, there is also extra-curriculum where you can take advantage of many of the New York cultures. You will find this city full of independent theaters, outstanding museums, fine and casual dining experiences, special areas of cultural interest, bookstores, nightlife unlike anywhere else in the world, and so many things that can enhance the overall NYFA summer acting camp experience.
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