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Youth Summer Acting Camp

Youth summer acting camps have become the rage over the past few years. Kids are looking for exciting ways to spend their summers but in ways different from the standard camp environment. Many kids have a great imagination and lots of energy. With a summer acting camp, they can put this creativity and energy together and learn amazing skills that can be taken with them in life, regardless of career choice.

Take Camp Broadway for example. This camp offers students with an incredible performing arts program that teaches your child valuable lessons about decision making. Additionally, these classes are designed to connect parents with students so they communicate better and form a lifelong bond. Best of all, Camp Broadway have a number of programs available so there is sure to be a class perfect for your son or daughter.

Camp Broadway is a special camp, one that focuses on theater arts education along with audience development. For this reason, they can teach students the valuable things associated with acting and even help them build relationships with professionals in the industry. For example, Camp Broadway has a wonderful summer camp that teaches students all aspects of theater performing, perfect for introducing them to the world of Broadway. The shows are professional, interactive, and disciplined.

The camps available include the Shining Stars, geared toward kids age 6 to 8, Camp Broadway for kids 9 to 12, CB2, focusing on kids 13 to 17, along with the Master Class, also for kids 13 to 17 years of age. The cost of the camp varies depending on the specific group. For instance, the Shining Stars is $675 while the Master Class is $1,125.

The teaching staff at Camp Broadway consists of theater professionals that actually work on Broadway and in the Broadway community. To give you an idea of the roles that some of these teachers have been involved with, consider the list:
  • Crazy for You
  • Annie Get Your Gun
  • The Spider Woman
  • City of Angels
  • A Christmas Carol
  • My Fair Lady
  • Miss Saigon…and more
This means that the students at the camp are being given professional instruction from people that know all about the business. Additionally, the programs are diverse including dance, voice, solo and ensemble single, and more. Then, there is a musical of the week where students will actually participate in a two-minute number so they can show inventiveness and talent. During this time, family and friends can come to enjoy the show.

The camp is very casual so students should come wearing comfortable clothing. They will also be provided with lunch, drinks, and snacks, and safety is always a number one priority. That means that the staff is constantly reviewing and updating safety rules and regulations to ensure every student is safe at all times. The experience is something your child will never forget – well worth the investment.
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