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Camp Broadway

Are you trying to narrow your search down for a summer camp for your child? Are you looking for the best camp possible that focuses on acting? If so, you might consider Camp Broadway, which is located in New York and has long been a favorite for both parents and campers alike.

The summer programs at Camp Broadway are designed to introduce and teach children about theater and life on Broadway. The environment is exciting, interactive, professional, and theatrical, making the experience fun. In addition to the kids learning about acting, Camp Broadway reaches even further to ensure kids gain a new appreciation for teamwork, commitment, communication, support, discipline, and respect, all positive traits that can be carried through life.

Camp Broadway - New York City offers summer camps for kids ranging in age from 10 to 17 but they also have other camps. For instance, if you have a child age 6 to 9, they would be able to attend Camp Broadway - Shining Stars Program. Additionally, kids from age 13 to 17 will have the option of participating in Camp Broadway - Master Class Career. This discovery program is designed specifically for kids that have a serious interest and goal of acting.

While the camp dates will change from one year to another, for the 2005 schedule, there are two sessions. The first session will run from Monday, July 11 through Friday, July 15. Then, the second session will begin on Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 5. Although the sessions are only five days long, they are packed with action and excitement.

The great thing about Camp Broadway is that kids come from around the globe, which opens the door for your child to learn about different cultures and create new friends from foreign countries. Regardless of where the kids come from, they are taught in dance, acting, and voice. However, included in this are many subclasses that cover things such as physical comedy, makeup, and many other similar studies.

Finally, the price of Camp Broadway includes a well-balanced lunch, snacks, and drinks. Camp Broadway is multifaceted, setting the bar high for teaching kids about acting. Offering a number of excellent workshops, the kids will work hard to create a performance for the parents to enjoy at the end of the week.

Then, the camp provides what is called the Family Finale. This presentation is a special time for family members and friends to see what the kids have learned during their time at the camp. During this time, there are mini-musicals, two-minute skits, and much more. Your child will gain invaluable insight into the world of acting and Broadway, which is what makes this such an exceptional camp.
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