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Overnight Summer Camp Questions

If you have a student that has expressed interest in attending a summer camp where they would go and stay overnight, often for weeks at a time, you probably are excited but full of questions. If so, you are no different from any other parent thinking about sending their child away to camp.

First, let us go over the benefits of sending your child to summer camp. These camps are an excellent way for kids to get together with other kids their same age to have fun and build new friendships. Although some kids are very apprehensive about going to camp for the first time, the majority come home thrilled with the experience and more confident about themselves.

Most summer camps are designed for kids ranging in age from 13 to 18. However, you will find summer camps for all types of situations. For example, there are established camps for kids with cancer, asthma, overweight kids, kids that specialize in a particular sport, etc. This means that regardless of your child's challenges, he or she can still head off to camp to spend an exciting summer of fun.

As the parent, your number one concern should be safety. Just remember that many different circumstances can arise so to help you choose the right camp for your child, we have provided a list of questions to ask. Once you have received all the answers from the camps being considered, you can sit down with your child to determine which one would be the best choice.
  1. How long has the camp been in existence? How long has it been under the same ownership/management?
  2. What is the camp's experience with kids?
  3. Do they have references that you can check?
  4. Are they licensed?
  5. How do they deal with kids that are homesick? Are kids permitted to call home?
  6. Is there a doctor or nurse at the camp at all times in case of an emergency? How is an emergency handled should one arise? How far away is the closest hospital?
  7. Are the kids all from the same region or do they come from around the country?
  8. If the camp is for sports, acting, or some other competitive nature, how competitive are the kids allowed to be? Does every child get to participate?
  9. What is the age group of the kids?
  10. How many kids will be under each counselor?
  11. How is fights or bullying handled?
  12. What is the schedule for the kids and do they have alternatives if they have something they are not comfortable doing?
  13. Does the camp offer religious services and if so, are all kids required to attend?
  14. What is the cost of the camp and what all is included in that price?
  15. What type of sleeping accommodations do the kids have?
Armed with this information, you will be able to see the differences in camps. The important thing is to make sure your child will be safe but also to ensure your child is going to a camp that he or she is interested in and not simply a camp for the sake of going somewhere.
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