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Summer Film Editing Camp

Perhaps you have seen summer film editing camps advertised and are intrigued but not quite sure what they are or what they entail. Well, in this article, you will learn exactly what goes on at an editing camp and why they are so popular.

First, students will be provided with a hands-on experience in digital editing. For example, if you were to choose the New York Film Academy, you would find that their philosophy is to put the students in the driver’s seat, allowing them to learn from doing and not just watching. While there are a number of outstanding schools, NYFA is without doubt a state of the art school that provides results.

During the workshops, students will learn how to edit professionally either Avid or Final Cut Pro. The things you will see from one student to another attending summer film editing cams is a true passion for the art of digital editing, a collaborative, inquisitive, and creative spirit, and a team playing attitude for work and creative relationships.

To give you an idea of the type of workshops offered the week Avid Xpress Editing session. This course is specially designed to show students the full picture of digital editing, allowing them to choose the newer Final Cut Pro software or Avid DV Express.

With Avid, this has literally revolutionized the film and television editing industry. The software was launched in the 1990s, which was soon followed by Avid DV Xpress. This second version streamlined the larger program into a manageable program and easier to learn software.

With Final Cut Pro, digital editing established a foothold into the world’s premiere editing houses. The features of this program are easy to use and the tool makes cutting digital film and video something everyone can learn to create their own professional editing systems.

During the workshop, students will be taught the fundamentals of digital non-linear editing, using the program of their choice. They will learn how to capture, log, assemble, cut, dissolve, trim, fine-cut audio, develop titles, export finished products, and more. Additionally, students will learn how to professionally edit shot scenes, which gives them incredible experience via exploration. This involves learning about the structure of the story, as well as the story’s style and content.

Although the workshop is just one week lone, because of the way the class is structured, students will gain more experience than if they were to take other courses over months. In fact, there are people that have gone from class to class over years that have not gained the same type of insight that can be gained during this one week. When checking out your options, you definitely want to investigate all the options for the New York Film Academy.
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