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Summer Acting Camps Guide II

Another indication of the quality of the camp is the experience of the staff. Some camps feature professional actors and staff with Broadway or movie experience. These camps are often very good and present a lot of opportunities to learn, especially if there is a lot of 1 on 1 time with these experienced professionals. In addition, many camps have experienced production directors, coreographers, and music or dance directors. Try to check on the experience of these people as they will often be people that a prospective camper will interact with. Also, the head or director organizaing the camp is very important. A well run camp can be a great experience, however a camp with a poor director or one that is not structured properly can be a disaster. Always check the experience of the director.

The facilities of a summer acting camp are also an important consideration. Some camps have their own costumes, theater, and training areas on site. These camps can often provide a broad experience. Some camps are actually located in a local theater and can use all of the facilities the theater offers. In addition, for overnight camps, check on the other facilities. Some camps are located in scenic locations, have pools, resort style accomodations, and a lot of other recreational activities.

The main topic of the acting camp can be very important. Some summer camps specialize in a particular area of acting or offer special workshops in one area such as stage combat. If you feel like you are an actor who is gifted in a specific area, make sure that the camps that you are looking at features this area. If you are looking at acting in films, make sure that the camp specializes in films and not theater only.

The costs of a summer acting camp can also be an important decision making factor. Generally, the top summer acting camps cost more money. For a two to three week stay at a top summer acting camps, expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. This is because these camps have top facilities, top staff, and established programs. If you want to save money, day camp can be a good option. Then you don't need to pay for the cost of meals or overnight facilities. Day camps at a local theature can run anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per session. Other local recreation camps may not provide the same type of experience, but could provide an introduction to acting. These camps may be substantiall cheaper.

The final thing to consider is the intangibles that a camp offers. Many of these items will depend on a person's goals. Some camps boast a roster of distinguished alumni that have been to their camp. Others have sons or daughters of major stars or directors that attend the camp regularly. In an industry where knowing the right people matters as much as acting skill, these can be very important factors in choosing between camps. Camp location and experience of other campers can also be helpful in making a decision.
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