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Summer Acting Camp - Overnight

Just imagine heading off to an acting camp where you meet new people, learn the business of acting, music, and directing, and then stay overnight in a new environment? For some students, this time is exciting and adventurous. However, other students might feel a little bit apprehensive. After all, some kids have never been away from home and while excited for this experience, they feel a little overwhelmed.

To give students a better idea of what to expect when they head off to a summer camp where they will stay overnight, we have provided some detailed information. First, students will find that the classes are designed to help students feel comfortable and free to express themselves. Instead of feeling stressed or worried, the students will feel invigorated and intrigued.

As the students spend time together and with the teachers, they will begin to discover their many skills, gaining more and more confidence with each passing day. The teachers will provide them with solid techniques to become the best actors possible. For example, consider the specific areas of study offered at most summer acting camps:
  • Singing - Students will learn about tone and interpretation, and learn to harmonize and blend

  • Music - With this class, the students will learn how to read music, sing by sight, and gain a new understanding of music history and the industry.

  • Voice - In this class, the focus is on breathing techniques, reflexology for achieving a natural and relaxed voice in addition to massage and yoga

  • Dance - This class is for the serious student, covering ballet, tap, jazz, theater dance, and choreography up to five days a week. During this class, students will typically learn balance, stretching, and strengthening techniques.

  • Television and Film Acting - Here, students will participate in workshops, working with cold reading, audition, camera, and so on.

  • Theater Potpourri - This type of class is just what it sounds – a combination of everything. Most students love this class in that it is a little more laid back and interesting.

  • Business - While the other classes are fun, it is imperative that a summer acting camp include business. As most people have heard, show business is a rough industry that is very competitive. Understanding this is what will help the student succeed.
As you can see, students stay very busy with a variety of things. What typically happens is that the first day, things are a little apprehensive but after that, the student wants to stay and learn more rather than go home.
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