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Long Lake Camp for Arts

When it comes to choosing an acting or art camp for your child, you obviously want one that will focus specifically on his or her likes, interests, and talents. While there are many excellent camps available to consider, one that falls at the top of the list is Long Lake Camp for the Arts. This camp has long been a favorite for a number of reasons.

First, Long Lake Camp is not a competitive type setting. Instead, campers are nurtured and guided to become the best they can be. This camp is designed for children from the age of 10 to 16 that are interested in Fine Arts or Performing Arts. For instance, kids will have the option of choosing from the following:
  • Music
  • Film Making
  • Drama
  • Fine Arts
  • Dance
  • Circus
  • Rock and Roll
  • Sports
Kids that attend Long Lake Camp all agree that the summer is an exciting time of learning, growing, and building new friendships. Located on the waterfront on a beautiful campus certainly add to the overall experience. Long Lake Camp is situated in New York state, surrounded by beautiful green lawns and the shores of the lake. To complete the setting, the buildings are made from fieldstone, creating a rustic but intriguing look.

The setting of this camp is enough to inspire any kid to learning more. Additionally, the camp is professionally run by people that have knowledge and expertise in each of the areas offered. Every teacher, director, counselor, and artist is delighted to teach through experience to make each child achieve his or her personal goal.

Because the size of Long Lake Camp for the Arts only accepts 235 campers, the programs are geared for optimal learning. This way, the teacher to camper ratio is perfect! The opportunities provided here are tremendous. Each class is specially designed to help stimulate the camper’s mind and body, pushing them with professional guidance to excelling in the very thing they love.

The bottom line is that for kids attending this camp, no matter what they go to learn, they will find that the other kids all have the same or similar goals. Because of this, there is a natural comradery that is so valuable in life. Finally, the social activities set up by the camp are not separate entities but a part of the entire camp experience. This way, kids can branch out to meet more people and try things they have never tried before. This unique approach has proven to be very successful, which is why Long Lake Camp for the Arts should not be overlooked.
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