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Summer Acting Camp Alumni

When you were young, did you attend a summer acting camp? If so, you probably had the opportunity to make numerous friends. In fact, you probably built strong relationships with people that you think about often. Does this all sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

Summer acting camps are a wonderful place where youth can go to learn a number of valuable life lessons. In addition to learning the obvious of acting, music, dance, and so on, students also learn how to have respect, build self-esteem, communicate better, and most importantly, make lifelong friends. For this reason, many of the summer acting camps are not offering a way for alumni to connect so they can reminisce about the days at camp.

For some students, they can see friends on television all week long in television commercials, soap operas, movies, radio, and other productions. For many students, they go on to pursue their dreams of being in theater or television. For other students, they simply gained life lessons and moved on into other careers. Regardless, friendships have been built and the important thing is to make an occasional connection.

You will even find that some of the summer acting classes in operation will host alumni parties or week where the grownups gather to put on a new production. Just like the old days, the grownups come back to camp where they take classes, plan a production, and then put on a show. Just as when they were smaller children, this is yet another time in their lives that creates a permanent memory.

If you attended a summer acting camp that does not currently have an alumni program, you might consider contacting the management of the camp to see if they would be interested and willing for you to organize something. If so, you can begin contacting old campers to gather information so connections can be made.

Having a summer acting camp alumni is a way for many people to relive their most treasured times as a child. While this does not necessarily have to be a part of your initial decision for attending camp, an alumnus is certainly a great advantage.
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