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Acting Camp - Summer Experience

Have you always been interested in acting, film, or the fine arts? Are you tired of spending every summer doing the same, boring thing and want to do something fun and productive? Why not combine the two and enjoy time at acting camp over the summer! Although there are a number of excellent acting camps to consider one of the best would be the New York Film Academy, also known as NYFA!

Founded 12 years ago, the education and experience of NYFA is truly unrivaled. Interestingly, this school was opened in Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center but today, it has its own building, which was once the Tammany Hall along with another full facility at Universal Studios and other country locations.

The exciting thing about attending this acting camp is that people from all around the world come together so you find a diverse group of races, backgrounds, lifestyles, ages, and so on. This coupled with the overall summer experience and the entire environment is something that you will never forget.

While every acting camp has its own philosophy, NYFA strongly believes that the art form in today’s society is a moving image, meaning that with film, communities, nations, and of course individuals, can use their creativity to make a profound impact on the world. This is why this acting camp offers a unique summer experience of developing a new generation of filmmakers.

In addition to the creativity, diversity, and overall experience of NYFA, you will also find that all facets uphold the highest level of professionalism and integrity. This and the value expertise found here is what separates this acting camp with other acting camps. In addition to learning about operating camera and editing equipment, you learn about all aspects of filmmaking. With this, you can take what you have learned and apply it in real life scenarios.

For the summer curriculum, it is constructed so there is a balance of class instruction with practical, hands-on work. Therefore, instead of simply learning about filmmaking from a book, every student actually produces and edits several films. Then with each of the films, then class engages in discussions to understand the positive and negative aspects of the films, again, providing insight so you learn the right way from powerful people in the industry.

The programs for summer at NYFA run four, six, and eight weeks, all the way to one year. In addition to providing students with basic tools and the hands-on experience, the goal of this acting camp is to help establish solid ground so students can actually get into the business and be successful. With proper instruction, a variety of equipment, and professional structure, students will find they have drive to become the best they can be.

The problem with many four-year universities is that they provide information simply to fill the schedule and not what can be applied as professional filmmakers. However, with the NYFA acting camp, you will not only have a great summer experience but also learn more in this structured time than you would in a normal university setting.
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