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Typical Acting Camp Staff

Nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania you will find a wonderful summer camp called Ballibay. Here, both boys and girls from the ages of 6 through 16 can come to enjoy a variety of non-competitive, fine and performing arts activities. The environment is relaxing, trusting, friendly, fun, and absolutely, beautiful.

The classes offered at Ballibay include vocal and instrumental music, modern, jazz, ballet, and tap dance, theater, photography and technical theater, video, radio, two and three-dimensional visual arts, and more. Campers attending this camp can choose from sessions from two to nine weeks. Although there are numerous activities going on, the staff at Ballibay is why this camp is so popular.

Each summer, the camp provides 50, talented staff members, each specially trained to provide campers with a rewarding and safe environment. These staffers are highly creative and have a genuine interest in the development and education of children. With backgrounds and training in the arts, the staffers can draw from their own personal experience, providing interest, support, and a nurturing atmosphere while teaching the young campers in a setting that is fun and without the intense competition.

The staff working at Ballibay comes from around the country and the world to share their unique talent and expertise. With many different cultural exchange programs, campers benefit from the diversity of teaching. These teachers usually have a secondary or higher education, some are professional artists, some professional performers, and some staffers even have an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Typically, the staffers have previous summer camp experience, which helps in making the overall experience for the camper all the better. Additionally, every staff member must be a minimum of 19 years of age although the average age is between 21 and 23 years old. Because the camp is so versatile and popular, most of the staff members come back year after year.

To be a staffer at Ballibay, an intensive orientation is required. In fact, this program must be completed prior to even showing up at the camp so from the very first day, campers are getting the very best. Generally, campers and staff members bond quickly and within days, everyone is functioning at a strong team.

In addition, all of the staffers are cabin counselors, with the exception of just a few. These counselors live in the cabin with a minimum of one other co-counselor and 10 to 14 campers. With this being an activity-based camp, the staff members spend no more than 2.5 hours a day in the cabin during the program. For the program, which covers counseling, motivating, supervising, and teaching, 5.5 hours are dedicated to the campers.

While the staff members are hired for specific skill and experience in a particular area, they are not limited to just that area of specialty. Therefore, the staff uses their talents and skills beyond their area of training. You will also find that the staffers are very sensitive to the needs of the campers, working with a goal of having every camper leave feeling as though they have gained valuable insight into the fine and performing arts and life.
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