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Summer Camp Costs
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Summer Acting Camp Prices

Summer acting camps are an excellent way to gain first-hand experience to see if you are interested in or have skill in acting or theater. Since various acting camps offer different programs at different prices, it would be to your advantage to look around before choosing just one for consideration.

For example, you want an acting camp that offers a safe and supportive atmosphere where students can have a great time of fun and learning without feeling criticized. With proper training, students will gain a sense of self-worth, better communication skills, and approach the field of acting with vigor and skill.

A good summer acting camp would be one that offers a challenge while encouraging both personal and artistic growth. Additionally, as you begin your search for the right school, it is important to think about the teacher to student ratio. In addition, you want an acting school that is multifaceted, covering areas such as voice, dance, music, acting, singing, television, film, and even business.

Finally, there is the consideration of cost. Without doubt, summer acting schools are not cheap. One of the first things to ask is if the school offers a discount for early enrollment. Often, if you get your application in early, you can actually save hundreds of dollars so it would be worth it to ask.

Additionally, you should inquire if scholarships are available. It is common for summer acting camps to offer a certain number of need-based talent scholarships designed for students interested in going to the camp but are limited due to lack of finances. In this case, the student would be required to provide certain proof and go through an interview process.

If you do not quality for a scholarship or have not saved by applying early, then you would be required to pay the full price of the camp. Again, the price will vary from one camp to another but on average, you could expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $800 a week.

Now, while this is in fact a hefty price, remember that this price includes quite a bit. For instance, you will get three, full meals a day, snacks, housing, classes, field trips, show production, rehearsals, video show, outdoor activities, and much more. The only additional money needed would be what the student wants to take for special treats or days out shopping.
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