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About Best Summer Acting Camps

Best Summer Acting Camps is designed to provide the premier guide for people considering a carerr in acting, filmaking, or production. This site is designed to explain the types of acting camps that are available. It will also outline some of the pros and cons of different acting camp types. It is also intended to provide prospective camp attendees with the information that they need to have a rewarding, fun, and productive summer camp experience.

Best Summer Acting Camps is designed to be the most comprehensive summer acting camp resource for aspiring actors and film professionals. Our site will include reviews of specific acting camps and an overview of local acting camps available during the summer. The site will also containguides to help people make decisions about going to acting camp and will also provide some context on how summer acting camps can fit into a persons career goals and aspirations. This includes some of the skills that people can learn in summer acting camps and workshops.

We are currently just beginning to build our resource library and would welcome and feedback you would like to provide. If you found a particular article or set of articles helpful, let us know. We want to provide our users with the best information available on summer acting camps and workshops.
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