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For those of us who love to perform...

Acting Camps are the great way have fun, gain skills, and make contacts in the industry!

Summer Acting Camps Guide

     What are summer acting camps? Generally summer acting camps are a place for aspiring stars to hone their acting skills, work with established actors, put on a production, build resume experience, and meet people in their field. There are acting camps for people of al ages and experience levels. Most summer acting camps run for a duration of about one week to up to a month. Almost every summer acting camp features a full fledged production at the end of camp. Consequently, the pace of some of these camps can be pretty intense. Often people come away from a summer camp experience with a full understanding of what it takes to star in a place or produce one.

There are a number of different types of summer acting camps out there. Camps range from professionally staffed camps in the heart of Los Angeles or New York to a small day camp put on by local acting enthusiasts. The following sections will provide some details about what to look for in a summer acting camp. Before we go into specific types of summer acting camps we will take a look at what things you should think about before searching for summer acting camps.

Obviously a person who has career goals that include Broadway and stardom in a blockbuster film will want a different type of camp than someone who is trying to figure out whether or not they like acting or a person that just wants to have fun. Try to have a specific idea of what your goals are for the long term and for the camp specifically. A person who is looking to solely meet people and have a fun relaxed time may not like an acting camp that is put on by a professional academy. Some of these camps can be intense and feature people for whom acting is their life.

The age of the prospective camper is also an important factor. Even though they offer adult programs, some acting camps are geared toward young kids. You should check this to see if most of the activities featured in their marketing literature geared toward kids. Other camps cater toward teenagers. There are a good number of these camps since Hollywood likes to discover people when they are this age and this is the age where good actors can shine. There are also camps and summer workshops geared towards adults. These are often at times that adults can make and feature acting skills workshops. Many of these are during the day or in the evening.
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